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Tesla seems to be the perfect illustration of the American Dream and Elon Musk a new Steve Jobs. Just realise that this South African after selling its startup to Paypal has not only disrupted the whole automative industry with Tesla, but the space industry with SpaceX. And this when he is not working on Hyperloop, SolarCity, digging tunnels with the Boring Company, selling solar roofs, flamethrowers (for real!), cyberquads for Kids, working on connecting our brain with computer (Neuralink) or connecting the world through canon satellites (Starling)... The amount of work and challenges Elon is facing seems extra ordinary... and don’t forget he still has time to joke on Twitter and to interview with YouTubers...

In this report we decided to “only” focus on Tesla with the HUB Institute. In a just a few years, Tesla went through up and down with a clear vision : electric car are the future of the automotive industry! Despite all odds and many challenging situations, Tesla seems to be winning its bet. Its culture of innovation has been disrupting traditional automakers. From Ford to Renault many were mocking Tesla and are now late to the game, struggling in front of a run for sustainability and modernity.

Join us in this HUBReport to get a clear understanding on Tesla secret recipes for success. Even if you are not in the car industry, you could learn a lot about innovation and disruption by looking at Tesla past achievements!