Recovery insights of Asia

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The past 2 years have witnessed the profound impact of Covid 19 in the Asian market. Zooming in the Asian market, amidst this economic upheaval, it remained overall resilient and focally thriving in the digital ecosystem. China, Korea, and Japan, whose

digital channels are led by local tech giants and animated by active social media users, have contributed to form this unique online landscape. Driven by the demands of increasingly sophisticated Asian consumers, new opportunities are detected and addressed across diverse sectors. Emerging trends, initiated by brands and platforms, are shaping and invigorating the market. China, under the spotlight at all time, has blossomed under the national sentiment and enhanced shopping policy. The purpose of this report, first of all, is to equip you with an overview of Asian market, across different countries and sectors, and then to grasp the ongoing trends which narrates the post-covid market odyssey in Asian perspective