HUBREPORT The top trends of the NRF 2021

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If the first chapter of Retail's Big Show organized in January 2021 by the NRF determined the advent of a "new normal", between pandemic, closing of physical stores and forced acceleration of retail towards e-commerce, the second chapter, which was held virtually from the 21st to the 25th of June, 2021, had at heart to reintegrate the physical retail in this new landscape.

Indeed, while vaccination campaigns are in full swing, stores are reopening their doors and thinking about the evolution of their services to adapt to new consumer practices.

Omnichannelity and agility emerge as the trends that needs to be accelerated, especially through the use of digital technologies in-store.

Different solutions allow consumers to have a connected, fluid and intuitive in-store experience. The implementation of interactive screens, QR codes to be flashed, and salespersons augmented by artificial intelligence, are all possibilities to link online and offline. Technologies such as robotics, computer vision and the cloud are also ways of creating mass customization and shaping the future of phygital retail.

In addition, one of the major lessons of the pandemic has been the accentuation of contact-less, whether in-store or at checkout. Retailers are therefore faced with the challenge of adapting their customer journey to preserve trust and reduce friction as much as possible. This also requires supply chain agility, with better inventory management allowing for more efficient and seamless deliveries.

In this HUBREPORT, we focus on highlighting and putting into perspective the major trends seen at NRF 2021, with quotes from speakers, insights and use cases of retailers sharing their omnichannel best practices.

Discover these major trends and the HUB Institute's analysis! Enjoy!