HUBREPORT The Future of Work in the Digital Age

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In spite of technological innovations, working in a company was still until recently strongly inspired by the Tayloro-Fordist inheritance of the factory. A world where the manager exercised their power to lead by explaining what to do, how to do it, and by supervising like a foreman the proper execution of tasks and the respect of schedules.

With the Covid-19 crisis, 2020 will have been a fantastic catalyst to shake large companies in their review of management and work. We can almost speak of a tectonic shock, so much so that organizations had to totally and suddenly reassess themselves. If, faced with a digital world, it was already essential to gain in agility, Covid-19 and mandatory home-working have saved whole years in terms of change.

Perhaps the worst has finally brought out the best in organizations. Faced with a general crisis, all parts of the company came together with an agility that few would have dared to dream of. When trust and empathy are shown, it is collective intelligence that reveals its full potential. It is up to managers to reinvent themselves, at high speed and from a distance, within a learning organization. The organization and HR must offer new tools and master new skills around technology and data.

But this transition has not been smooth and painless. Fatigue, anxiety, fear of unemployment, burnout, isolation... home-working requires real support, a new organization and a new mindset. With the crisis, everyone is rethinking the raison d'être of their job and their company, the alignment between professional and personal life or with their values. Companies must reconsider their attractiveness around new, more engaging and inclusive criteria.

It's time to rethink your organization in a VUCA world.