HUBREPORT Data & AI: Best Practices from 2021

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After the successive revolutions of IT, EDM (Electronic Document Management), KM (Knowledge Management), dematerialization, Internet, BI (Business Intelligence), BIG data, AI, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and blockchain, it seems that data has been a hot topic for years in the business world.

However, if most executives have understood the potential value of their data, very few of them actually understand its complex and constantly evolving jargon. The success of startups and digital giants reminds us every day of the need to accelerate in order to master this topic.

It is urgent that companies educate their managers and teams on the concepts, challenges and benefits of data and artificial intelligence. AI and data are not just a marketing issue but require a real strategy: the implementation of a governance system as well as dedicated and ambitious technical and human resources. Technology is shuffling the cards in all sectors and becoming not just a support service, but a key part of the core business.

From retail to banking, insurance to tourism, the value chains will be redistributed. So watch out to those who are not sufficiently prepared and might miss this strategic turning point! The opportunities are tremendous: understanding customer expectations, prediction of demand, personalization of marketing, automation of production, cost reduction, optimization of logistics...

In this new HUBREPORT, learn about the state of the market to understand the concepts, trends, innovations and feedback that will help you imagine the future of your business today!