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During this health crisis, many trade shows have given up... The Consumer Electronics Show, the world's biggest display of digital products has decided to go 100% online for this 54th edition. However, testing the HD sound of a headset, admiring the sharpness of an 8K TV screen or boarding an autonomous shuttle is a real challenge to achieve through screens and webcams. With 69,000 participants and 2,000 exhibitors (compared to 180,000 and 4,500 usually in Las Vegas), some would be tempted to see only the limits and weaknesses of this edition. There are obvious limits in terms of experience and even though we dearly miss the energy in the kilometers of aisles in the halls of Vegas as well as the serendipity of meeting with startups, gadgets, or people, all is not to be thrown away in this edition, actually quite the opposite.

The digital version required each major company to present keynotes that go straight to the point. We also discovered great ads from different industries: entertainment, smart home, connected health, and mobility and smart city. We were therefore able to avoid a large part of the noise and gadgets, which sometimes only bring little added value. This year's edition is a testament to the dynamism of the tech sector, which has almost been boosted by the pandemic. From telecommuting to e-commerce and delivery, from telemedicine to connected sports at home, and without forgetting home automation, innovation hasn’t stopped in 2020. On the contrary, the health and economic crises have been a source of opportunities and accelerations.

Furthermore, the CES has finally put the spotlight on topics such as sustainability and tech for good after years of celebrating hyperconsumerism. The world is changing and disruptions are merging and accelerating... ready for the Next Economy?