HUBREPORT – Best of CES 2018 EN

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The HUBREPORT Best of CES 2018 gives an overview of the main trends, the biggest announcements and the most impressive startups spotted at the consumer electronics show. Smart cities, connected mobility, voice-command, smart health… With an in-depth analysis of 8 major trends and their key figures, over 80 startups and several expert opinions, this report gives an overview of the hottest innovation cases.
Analysts at the HUB Institute unveil in this HUBREPORT trend report the major innovation spotted at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

The program of this study HUBREPORT best of CES 2018:

• 8 major trends at CES 2018 deciphered : smart cities, connected mobility, voice-everything, super cybersecurity, industrial transformation, tech for humans, entertainment redefined, future of commerce)

• Over 80 illustrated innovation cases

• An interactive PDF of 230 slides of trends, expert opinions and startups

• A PowerPoint 100% editable

*this HUBREPORT is also available in Apple Keynote