HUBREPORT Banks, Insurance and Mutual Insurance Chapter 2 EN

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The financial sector is experiencing the full swing of the 21st century transformations: traditional players such as banks, insurance companies and mutual health insurance companies are being challenged by newcomers who are more digital, more agile and better at meeting the expectations of new generations. Faced with multiple disruptions, how can they keep their added value and seize the right opportunities for innovation and growth?

How can new technologies contribute to the creation of a fluid and personalized customer experience, while maintaining safety requirements?

These fascinating themes and mutations are the subject of a new series of 2 HUBREPORTS “Banking, Insurance and Mutual Health Insurance, what is next?”.

In this second chapter, we introduce the main technologies impacting the financial sector, as well as their potential for the banking, insurance and Mutual Health Insurance players. These technological advances must be reconciled with security regulations: GDPR, PSD2... Constraints that create a fertile ground for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Disintermediation of finance is a key trend that is changing the business model, from process simplification to complete decentralization.

Through insights, analysis and case studies, the HUBREPORT “Banking, Insurance and Mutual Health Insurance, what is next? Chapter 2/2" details the opportunities offered by technology, and the progress of the financial sector towards a disintermediated future.