HUBREPORT B2B Marketing 2020 EN

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For too long, B2B marketing has been considered as second-class marketing and focused on sales support, through the production of brochures and sales pitches for sales forces. Those days are over. B2B marketing is no longer the outcast of marketing. On the contrary, it has become an essential part of the performance of B2B companies. If the diversity of markets, business models, and target types are common practice, the need to put customers before a product or service, build the singularity and power of the brand, and rethink distribution strategies, are just a few examples of the challenges that marketing professionals face on a daily basis in B2B companies.

B2B marketing is just as challenging as B2C marketing. Innovation is at the heart of the value creation process. More than ever before, the service sector takes a big part in offers that are constantly confronted to the risks of "commoditization". Technology impacts all levels of companies who then must take into account the omnichannel claim of multiple decision-maker profiles.

The challenges are therefore just as great as the possibilities for B2B marketers. They have to take into account the changing aspects of their audiences, new logics in interpersonal relations as well as the fast transformation of uses and environments strongly influenced by technological innovation. They also face web giants that are constantly redefining new rules to the B2B game.

This HUBREPORT, dedicated to B2B marketing, offers an overview of trends and practices that directly impact marketing strategies and their implementation. We will specifically focus on customer experience practices, data, content marketing, and E-commerce in order to provide you with the right benchmarks and help you approach 2021 with the right tools.