[ENG] FOCUSREPORT The challenges facing Supply Chain in 2021

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Initially linked to the movement of military troops and their supplies, logistics is now an essential component of business. Globalization and new practices related to e-commerce make it even more of a crucial stage in business, with the need to manage each level of supply efficiently: upstream with production and supplier relationships, in-house management with flow and inventory optimization, and downstream with distribution and customer service.

The Supply Chain as a whole is thus facing multiple tensions, and must be agile enough to respond to each new issue as well as demonstrate resilience. The last few years have been full of challenges, between health, economic, geopolitical risks... Different technologies are emerging as solutions to make the Supply Chain smart: AI to refine its predictions, robotics to automate processes in the warehouse, blockchain and NFT to secure exchanges... The path towards Supply Chain 4.0 is laid out.

At the same time, the Supply Chain has a role to play in the transformation of companies into sustainable businesses, with a decarbonization issue that is beneficial to them in terms of CSR and image.

Several companies are leading the way and adopting successful strategies to make their Supply Chain more agile and gain flexibility for the challenges ahead.

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