FOCUSREPORT Retail & E-commerce 2021 - EN

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The beginning of 2021 provided opportunities to reflect on the transformations caused by the COVID pandemic, particularly in the Retail sector. Our teams of analysts followed 3 major events focused on Retail: the first part of the retail exhibition, NRF Chapter 1; the Retail Innovation Week, organized by PSFK; as well as our annual event HUBDAY Future of Retail & E-Commerce, which included 3 tracks over 2 days at the beginning of February, with more than 50 conferences!

The analysis of these conferences revealed the emergence of a "new normal", where consumers are reporting new habits and practices, pushing retail to transform and become resilient. The HUB Institute identifies 6 major trends to follow in 2021 in the retail sector.

Adopting a data-driven corporate culture is key to staying in touch with the market as well as knowing and analyzing consumer expectations. It helps us to constantly rework and improve customer experience, whether in-store or online.

Furthermore, if the transition to e-commerce has been democratized in 2020, the objective for 2021 is to diversify the different models using an omnichannel approach. We talk about "new retail" where online, offline, logistics, and data are integrated into a single value chain. However, successfully switching to new retail requires technical agility. IT and logistics must be adaptable and evolve at the same pace as technological innovations. These innovations enable companies to move from organizational, strategic, and production milestones to smart commerce. Finally, we will look at ways to improve retail in terms of sustainable development and inclusiveness.

Between insights and concrete cases, discover the trends that will define retail and e-commerce in 2021! Enjoy the reading!