ENG - HUBREPORT Sustainable Retail

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New generations are in demand of more sustainable ways of buying. The Covid-19 crisis led individuals to question the ways they were consuming.

New needs have emerged : the need to protect others as well as the planet is now a priority for many. Nowadays, environment and inclusivity are focal points people think should be addressed ; this has an increasing impact on how people decide to live their lives, and how they consume brands.

Generation Z and millennials are especially concerned with where their products come from, how they were made, and general information transparency. Faced with risks and pressure coming from customers who expect more and more ethical products, financial markets gradually steer away from unethical businesses. And startups that come up with a sustainable business model now easily find a market and financing.

The HUB Institute teams are proud to present this report on the last trends in the distribution sector. Settings of responsible purchasing criteria, traceability and more transparency... Together, we will analyze the ways companies adapt to interact in a more sustainable fashion with their stakeholders in a rich and complex ecosystem.