[ENG] HUBREPORT Amazon, The big tech that is reinventing commerce

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Like the river, Amazon has become a giant without limit... Regularly criticised, often feared by other retailers, it is nearly always celebrated by ... consumers who love the amazing choice, the low cost and above all the high efficiency. Amazon is not wasting its time around metaverse or gimmicks... The Seattle company is 100% consumer focused, like at Day1! Despite its enormous size, both in terms of revenues and employee (robots included), Amazon is still innovating like a super agile startup. But innovating with one single goal : making the life of consumers easier, faster, better and cheaper. Many competitors are making similar promises. Amazon is one of the few really delivering above expectations : from 1 day to one hour delivery, from voice commerce to logistics disruption, from delivery lockers to prime video, from one click purchase to autonomous store .... Amazon is reinventing commerce both online and offline in a super efficient way. But Amazon is much more than ecommerce or retail. It’s now leveraging its financial power and data mastery to disrupt other industries such as banking & finance, advertising, entertainment & gaming, healthcare & insurance,... or even space travel!

From luxury to FMCG, every brands and retailers must have a clear understanding on Amazon strengths and weaknesses. Even if you are not selling on the worldwide leader of ecommerce (at least yet), you’d better to analysis what consumers love about it, since it is now the mainstream benchmark for their shopping habits and expectations.

Join me for an in depth panorama of Amazon activities and culture!