[ENG] HUBREPORT 10 challenges pour reconnecter la ville

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The Covid crisis has revealed new issues and fractures for communities. Retail, housing, governance... Their issues remain the same, but it is through new prisms that urban decision-makers must approach them.

On September 14, more than 2,000 decision-makers met online and at the Hôtel Potocki to follow the presentations of 60 speakers. Institutions, public and private actors of cities responded to the call of the HUB Institute to exchange and promote this new reading of our territories.

Of course, there was talk of sharing data, an issue that everyone must take ownership of, including users and citizens. Designed to depollute cities, new means of transportation and accommodations for mobility were presented. New energies, whose deployment is crucial to the issues of consumption and emissions in cities, have make an appearance alongside the results of the IPCC report and the questions it has raised on biodiversity.

Through all of these topics, and many others, decision-makers show us that the transformation of communities needs to be local and developed in transversality at the level of the region to, finally, inspire thanks to its model at the scale of the territory, even beyond.

For this 2021 edition, all of the contributions of our participants complement each other in order to meet a real need: supporting acculturation for a flexible and accessible transition of territories. The ambition of the Sustainable Cities Summit remains to share best practices, so that we can prepare for tomorrow, together.