[ENG] FOCUSREPORT Les enjeux de la Grande Distribution dans un contexte pandémique

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In a society affected by an unprecedented health crisis, between lockdowns, empty shelves, queues and department closures, the retail sector faced a major challenge: to demonstrate significant resilience in order to respond to new challenges and adapt to a new reality.

How has the pandemic changed consumer shopping habits around the world? What is the role of e-commerce, data analysis and AI in strengthening the agility of the retail sector and how has it managed to emerge victorious from this troubled period? What common strategies are the players in the retail industry putting in place to accompany consumers in the ecological transformation and towards a greener future?

These issues illustrate the major trends that are the subject of this FOCUSREPORT "The challenges facing the retail sector in the context of a pandemic”.

Between insights, analysis and real-life use cases of innovation, discover the analysis of the HUB Institute.