[ENG] - B2B MARKETING & SALES - Bonnes pratiques et leviers de performance en 2022

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In 2021, B2B Marketing and Sales actors have more than ever demonstrated their potential for resilience, agility and creativity while markets are being challenged by the pandemic. The behavior and practices of professionals have changed radically! If the rise of digital technologies was a reality before the pandemic, it has accelerated and amplified the shift in sales models. Omnichannel strategies have become the norm and no longer the exception. Markets are under pressure and competitive tensions have increased in B2B markets. The actors of these markets, and in particular marketing, communication and sales professionals, are therefore forced to raise their ambitions a notch.

The challenges of developing performance are global and transversal. They force us to rethink our strategies while seeking solutions that promote excellence in implementation. Indeed, customers are the experts and they are increasingly demanding. Listening to them, analyzing them and understanding them, are the first essential steps in customer-centric marketing, but the cultural change is significant for B2B companies that are still too often focused on their expertise and the product.

We hope that this B2B Marketing & Sales HUBREPORT will inspire you to think about new ways of working, and to identify the tools and practices that will help you meet the challenges of 2022. A year that should also be a source of numerous opportunities for those who know how to seize them.

Through a 6 parts presentation, we will decode the trends of the coming year, assess the levers of omnichannel strategies and e-commerce, take the pulse of Inbound, ABM and content marketing strategies, think about customer experience, technology stack, data and share the keys to success of those who transform B2B marketing. We hope to help you draw a roadmap that will take you to the conquest of new markets, new customers and simply new successes.

Enjoy your reading!